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What is a Bank Identification Number (BIN Code) or Issuer Identification Number (IIN Code)?

Bank Identification Number (BIN Code)( for example) or Issuer identification number (IIN Code) is the first six digits of a bank any globally used payment card. It is generally used in credit and debit cards, gift cards, stored-value cards, and other similar cards.

BIN code( for example) is used to identify a credit card or debit card brand, issuing bank, card type,country of issuer and category of cards. This BIN code or IIN code is very useful in commercial business for fraud prevention, specially in online business.

  • A bank identification number ( BIN Code) is the first four to six numbers that are visible on payment cards.
  • BIN code(like) or IIN Codes are found on credit cards, charge cards,debit cards, prepaid cards, and gift cards.
  • The BIN Code(like) helps merchants evaluate and assess their payment card transactions.
  • The IIN Code(like) allows merchants and online businesses to accept multiple modes of payment and allows transactions to be processed in a secured way.
  • BIN Codes like can help financial institutions and banks to identify fraudulent or stolen cards and avoid identity theft.

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What BIN Code Or IIN Code (like) Are Used for?

BIN Code like has a variety of useful applications in the finance industry. The core purpose is to allow merchants to evaluate and assess payment card transactions.

They allow online businesses to identify originating banks' bin code issuer like this bank along with their address and phone number and whether issuing banks or financial institutions are in the same country as the device used to make that transaction. It also verifies the address provided by the user or customer.

But more importantly, the numbering system or pattern helps identify identity theft or potential security issues by comparing data, such as the address of both the issuing bank/ institution and of the cardholder.

How does a BIN Code or IIN Code ( for example) work?

Here is an example to show how BIN/IIN code work. Let's say a customer uses a bank credit/debit card at a merchant when they fill up their gas tank. Once a cardholder swipes the card, the system scans the IIN Code( for example) to detect the specific bank that issued the card. An authorization request goes on the customer's account. The authorization request is authorized within a few seconds by the bank or issuer like this bin code(issuer example), and the transaction is approved if sufficient funds are available or declined if the customer doesn't have sufficient funds to cover the payment.

Does Every Credit or Debit Card come with a BIN Code or IIN Code like ?

All payment cards such as debit cards, credit cards etc come with a BIN number like. This is a pattern of four to six numbers allocated to charge cards, gift cards, credit cards,debit cards, electronic benefit cards and other payment cards.

Is BIN and IIN the same?

An IIN is an Issuer Identification Number for example. This is also called as BIN Code - A Bank Identification Number. Both IIN or BIN refer to the same globally.

Who developed this BIN Code ( for example) or IIN Code system?

The bank identification number(for example) is a numbering system or pattern developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to recognise the institutions or banks that issue payment cards such as credit or debit card to avoid theft identification.

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