IFSC Codes in

Search and find any IFSC Codes in or MICR Code of any bank branch in India. You can find the phone number, address, and IFSC Codes in of all available bank branches.

IFSC Codes in - On Cheque book or passbook

The IFSC Codes in is also displayed on your cheque book or bank passbook. One can also find their bank branch IFSC Codes in in the monthly bank account statement. The IFSC Codes in of  each bank and branch is unique.

Questions on IFSC and MICR in

Why is IFSC used?

IFSC Codes in of Indian Financial System Code can be described as a unique 11-digit alphanumeric code that is utilized to uniquely identify all India bank branches within the National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) network by the Reserve Bank of India.

How to search for a bank name and branch by IFSC Codes in ?

It is very easy to find the bank name and branch by using the IFSC Codes in search of emi-calculators.com. The first four characters of the IFSC Codes in define the bank name. So, if the bank name is HDFC, then the IFSC Codes in will look like HDFC0004053.

How can I transfer fund or money from one bank account to another bank account online?

You can transfer money from one bank account to another through online mode using different methods like National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT), Real-time Gross Settlement (RTGS), Unified Payment Interface (UPI), Immediate Payment Service (IMPS)

If a bank branch is changed, will the IFSC Codes in be changed?

No, if the location of a bank’s branch is changed to different location, then the IFSC Codes in will not change. If the bank account of the holder is shifted from one branch of the bank to another branch, then will the IFSC Codes in be changed.

Is IFSC Codes in the same as bank branch code?

 No, IFSC Codes in is different from branch code.

Where is the IFSC Codes in printed on the cheque leaf?

IFSC Codes in is generally present on the top part of every cheque leaf or mostly at the bottom line of cheque or near the bank branch address

Is IFSC Codes in required to transact IMPS?

IFSC Codes in is required for IMPS transfer only if the individual is transferring funds or money using bank account number. If the receiver’s bank account MMID is not available, then he/she needs to add the receiver as a payee for transfer , for which details such as name, bank account number, and IFSC are required.

Is IFSC Codes in unique for every branch?

Yes, IFSC Codes in is a unique alphanumeric code for a given branch.

Is it possible to find the IFSC Codes in of a bank’s branch from the savings bank account number hosted in the same bank?

No, it is not possible as the 15-digit long bank account number does not include any bank’s IFSC Codes in .

I think I have given the wrong IFSC Codes in when initiating a NEFT funds or money transfer. What will happen to my money transfer?

There is no need to worry as for a NEFT transaction to go through and benefit the intended recipient, you are required to provide the latter’s account number and the corresponding bank’s IFSC Codes in . In case you provided the wrong IFSC Codes in , the banking system will tally against the recipient's name and bank account number to find the mistake and refund your money. The refunded money will be reflected in your bank account within a couple of working days at the maximum.

Can I identify the IFSC Codes in from my bank passbook?

Yes, you can identify the IFSC Codes in from the passbook given to you. As per a rule from the Reserve Bank of India, banks must and should print the IFSC and MICR codes on the passbooks,cheques  and  account statements issued by them.

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