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Uco Bank Auto loan Interest rate

Uco Bank Auto loan Interest Rate starts from 9.20% and range is between 9.20%-11.25% per annum is feasible for most borrowers.

While there are lot of factors that impacts your interest rate, following are major factors.

  1. Income Levels
  2. Stability of Income
  3. Relationship with Lender or banker
  4. Category of Your Employer
  5. Employment Status for Salaried
  6. Business Longevity for Self-employed 
  7. Vehicle or car type 
  8. Credit History( loan repayment history)


Following table shows the EMIs for various Auto  loan amount based on different tenures at 8.60%* onwards

  •   The EMI that you can avail with Uco Bank Auto loan of 10 Lakh is 10,024 with 15-years tenure. The EMI increases when you opt for tenure of 5 years.
  •   The EMI for a Auto  loan of 15 Lakh is higher – 30,992, when you opt for 5-years. It decreases to 15,036 if you opt for tenure of 15 years.
  •   For a Uco Bank Auto loan of 25 Lakh, the cheapest EMI you can avail with 15 year tenure - 25,060. Decreasing the tenure to 5 years increases the EMI to 51,654.
  •   The EMI is 72,315 when you avail Uco Bank Auto loan of 35 Lakh for 5 years. The same will decrease to 35,084 if you increase the tenure to 15 years.
  •   The cheapest EMI comes with 15-years tenure with  Auto  loan of 50 Lakh – 50,120. The EMIs double when you opt for 5 years tenure.

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